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USD 738** 747** 09/12/22 Lagos Aboki/BDC
EUR 765** 777** 09/12/22  
GBP 910** 925** 09/12/22  


Singapore Currency To Naira | 1000 Singapore Currency To Naira | 100 Singapore Currency To Naira | Singapore Dollar (SGD) To Naira

4 months ago   OTHER CURRENCIES TO THE NAIRA EXCHANGE   Lagos   159 views Reference: 198

Location: Lagos

What is the name of Singapore currency? The name of Singapore Currency is the Singaporean Dollar or the SGD for short. SGD Means Singapore Dollar in full. What then is the exchange rate of the Singapore Dollar to Naira at the black market today? As at the time of making this post, the exchange rate of the Singaporean Dollar to the Naira at the black market is N441.42...

Going with this exchange rate, 1000 Singapore currency to Naira would be N441,420 only. Also, to find the value of 100 Singapore currency to naira, 500 Singapore Dollar to Naira, or any amount of the SGD to the Naira at the black market, is simply to multiply the amount of the Singaporean Dollar by the latest exchange rate.

All the exchange rates of the Singapore currency to the Naira can be found ON THIS PAGE
If you are looking to buy or sell the SGD of any amount, simply make a post in this category and relevant exchangers near your location will give you call. To make a post, simply GO TO THIS PAGE. It is super fast and easy.

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