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Pounds To Naira Black Market Exchange Rates Today

Pounds To Naira Black Market Exchange Rates Today | 100 Pounds To Naira | 1000 Pounds To Naira | 50 Pounds To Naira | How Much Is Pounds To Naira

This page shows the different current exchange rates of the Pounds to Naira (GBP to Naira) activities performed on this site by members, exchange rate gotten from the abokis on the street of Lagos as well as various Nigerian banks. The rates are served daily.

   Today's Pounds To Naira Black Market Exchange Rate





Lagos Black Market (Aboki)1,490/1,56308/04/24
Inflow/Bank Transfer Rates1,500/1,57008/04/24
Access Bank62128/08/21
Wema Bank62813/10/22
Sterling Bank59513/10/22
Standard Chartered Bank63213/10/21

Note: The table above shows the different exchange rates of the Pounds to Naira at the CBN, Lagos Black Market (Lagos Aboki) and various Nigerian Banks.

| So if you are currently looking for the exchange rate of 100 Pounds to Naira, 1000 Pounds to Naira, 1 Pounds to Naira, 50 Pounds in Naira, 500 Pounds to Naira, 2000 Pounds or any other amount of Pounds you are looking to convert in Naira, simply multiply the amount by the exchange rate in the table above and it will give you the total amount of Pounds you will get in Naira at the Nigerian black market. | 

How Did We Get These Rates?

As you can see from the above table, we got the rates from Lagos Abokis, Banks, BDC and CBN. The Lagos Aboki exchange rates were gotten from a vast number of traders on the street of Lagos. While the bank rates were gotten from online transactions made with various Nigerian debit cards as well as ATMs.

What Can I Do With This Information?

Knowing the latest exchange rates of the Pound to Naira, will help you to have a good bargain at the market when you go to exchange your currencies so that you don't get cheated. Also knowing the various bank rates will help you to get a first hand report on the exchange rate to expect from your bank anytime you make an online purchase or make a withdrawal from the ATM abroad or in Nigeria using your GBP master card.

How Often Will These Rates Be Updated?

We shall be updating this particular page once a day.


**Please note, all the exchange rates published on this site are for information purposes. won't be held responsible for any losses incurred while using this information in carrying out currency exchange activities**