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Libya Currency To Naira | Libya Currency | 1000 Libyan Currency To Naira

1 month ago   OTHER CURRENCIES TO THE NAIRA EXCHANGE   Lagos   404 views Reference: 294

Location: Lagos

How much is the Libya currency to the Nigerian Naira at the black market? If you are looking for the exchange rate of Libya currency to Naira, please take a look at this page right here


As at the time of making this post, the black market rate for the Libyan Dinar to the Nigerian Naira stands at a buying rate of N283.19 and a selling rate of N285.27. These rates are subject to fluctuations influenced by various economic factors.. Check the link shared in this post above, to keep up with the daily price movement.


If you want to convert Libyan currency to Naira, you simply multiply the exchange rate found here by the amount of Libyan Dinar you want to exchange.


Converting 1000 Libyan currency to Naira:

For those specifically interested in converting 1000 Libyan Dinar to Naira, the current exchange rate should be considered. At the present rates, the equivalent in Naira for 1000 Libyan Dinar would be approximately N283,190 at the buying rate and N285,270 at the selling rate.

If you are looking to buy or sell the Libyan Dinar in the Nigerian forex market, visit our dedicated category for exchanging other currencies to the Naira Go Here To Start Posting